2011 in review

Posted: January 4, 2012 in All News

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Syndey Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 10,000 times in 2011. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 4 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

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LIMA, Peru – Peru have declared a state of emergency to suppress dissent in the country due to a planned mining construction of a company in the said country.

The 11 day protest have caused paralysis in the entire region of Cajamarca.

Consequently, Peruvian President Ollanta Humala declared a state of emergency.

Pres. Humala called the leaders of the said protest in his nationwide address, but they remain stiff.

But because of the state of emergency, the security forces will be given authority to ensure that streets, schools and hospitals are open, which were barricaded by the protesters.

PARIS, France – The international community in Iran is still relentless on its anger following the attack that took place in the Britsh Embassy in Tehran.

On the latest step which showed frustration, France sent many of its diplomatic staff and their families back home.

According to the French government, these steps are part of the preventive security measures and admitted that this is the answer to the assault of the British embassy.

France have recalled its ambassador in Iran earlier following the arson and ransack of the diplomatic mission of the United Kingdom.

However, France have stated clearly that its embassy in Tehran will remain open.

It was found out that due to circumstances, Iran is experiencing right now the most serious “diplomatic fallout” in the Western nations since the U.S. Embassy takeover in 1979.

Which have caused Great Britain to recall all their diplomatic staff in Iran.

Aside from France, Germany and the Netherlands have also recalled their ambassador in Iran.

Italy and Spain are calling on the Iranian ambassaadors to condemn the said assault.

Kuwait defeated Azkals; 2-1

Posted: July 28, 2011 in Sports

Manila, Philippines – Neil Etheridge failed to catch the second goal of Kuwait Al Azraq, after the striker managed to infiltrate through his blocking effort.

Phil Younghusband was trying to chase the ball, but it finally made its way to a score in favor of Kuwait.

Disappointment traces from Phil’s face after an another goal made by the opponent.

The team Azkals must gain a lead of three points in order to win in the aggregate score.

Kathmandu, Nepal – Wild elephants attacked the United Nations refugee camp in eastern Nepal, which have caused the death of two people.

According to Gehannath Bhandari, chief government administrator of Jhapa district, two elephants entered the refugee camp for the Bhutanese and attacked the two adults.

It was found out that the flooding during the monsoon season have caused the elephants from India to come across Nepal.

Bhandari announced that other refugees were driving away the elephant that was destroying the corn crops, and in turn it entered the camp then attacked the people.

Many refugees were also injured in the said attack of the elephants.

It was determined that thousands of refugees were living inside the camp in Nepal since 1990.

Kandahar, Afghanistan – Kandahar mayor in Afghanistan was killed after a suicide attack in his own office.

This happened just a few days after the brother of Afghan President Hamid Karzai was also killed in Kandahar.

According to a legislator named Bismullah Afghan Mal, the suicide bomber entered the office of Mayor Ghulam Haider Hamidi.

The mayor would have been the replacement of Karzai’s brother in a position in Kandahar.

SEOUL, South Korea – Death toll reaches 19 after a landslide in South Korea due to heavy rainfall, while one is still missing.

Eight of those were college student volunteers and by the time the landslide occurred, their cabins at the resort were completely covered with soil.

In Seoul, five were killed in the landslide while others are from Chuncheon.

In the forecast, heavy rainfall in South Korea will last until Friday.

Oslo, Norway – The father of suspect Anders Behring Brievik, have extended his sympathy over the family of those who were killed in two attacks in New York.

According to Jens Brievik, he also felt grief on the families of those who were killed after what his son have done.

He said that he wanted to do something but he doesn’t have the power to do it.

“I would like to say that I feel an incredible grief and despair over what has happened. I often think of how terrible it must be for those who are affected by this. I wish I could do something for them, but here I am, powerless to do anything,” Jens Brievik said.

Jens Brievik was also looking for answers why the suspect, who was his son, made the ghastly crime.

From his home in France, Mr. Brievik announced that his son should have killed himself rather than anyone else.

“In my darkest moments, I think that rather than killing all those people, he should have taken his own life,” he added.

He also believes that his son has a mental problem because nobody who’s thinking sensibly could ever do such a thing just like what his son has made on bombing the government building in Oslo and the youth camp massacre which killed 76 people.

“He must be. He must be,” Mr. Brievik said when he answered the question whether his son has a mental problem. “There is no other way to explain it. A normal person would never do such a thing.”

According to Mr. Brievik, he doesn’t have any plans on visiting his son, who is already in prison today and he will never communicate with the suspect anymore.

“No. I will never have more contact with him.”

Kabul, Afghanistan – 22 militants and two police are dead after a clash in Helmand province in Afghanistan.

Recently, the clash continues to escalate between the Taliban and the combined forces of NATO and Afghan forces in the said province.

In a statement released by the Office of Helmand Governor Gulab Mangal, the latest encounter happened at the central and northern Helmand.

Tripoli, Libya – Citizens are already experiencing lack of supplies in the areas controlled by Muammar Gaddafi in Libya.

This was said today by the fact-finding team of the United Nations.

There have been shortages on food, oil, cash and house rentals and food prices are also increasing.

It was found out that in the middle of the civil war in Libya, nearly half of the country is controlled by rebellious citizens.

Presently, 30 countries have already recognized the National Transitional Council in Libya as the legitimate government.